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Rotary Mentors, leave a lasting legacy.

Rotary Mentors, leave a lasting legacy.

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Ambulance Victoria Leaders Mentoring Program
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Since 2007, Rotary has been partnering with Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria to provide mentoring programs for high performing leaders. As a result the mentees build sustainable partnerships with community groups and lead with integrity.

For Rotarian’s, mentoring provides a way to strengthen leadership in the community.

Our mentors support emerging leaders to help build their confidence, self-awareness, professional skills, network and develop a greater understanding of their potential as a leader to influence and motivate others.

As a Rotarian if you looking for a way to make a positive contribution leave a lasting legacy, bring your leadership experience to good use and pay it forward by becoming an Rotary Mentor.

As a mentor, your role will be to share your professional and personal leadership skills and experiences, to help support, grow and develop a participant’s leadership skills and confidence.

Your role is to actively listen, encourage and provide constructive comments, while offering openness, trust, respect and willingness to share. Mentoring is also a great way to strengthen your own leadership capabilities, gain satisfaction from developing others and give back to the community. Mentoring provides a unique opportunity for both the mentor and mentee to engage, learn and be challenged by perspectives as well as be exposed to new ideas and cultures.

What do Ambulance Victoria Mentees think about the Rotary Mentoring Program?