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Ambulance Victoria Leaders Mentoring Program Overview

The AVLMP is a leadership development opportunity for high performing and high potential leaders (formal and informal) at all levels. The opportunity is available for both operational and corporate mentees. The Program is designed to bring diverse perspectives and experiences from outside AV to benefit the capability of mentees in meeting these challenges. It is because of Rotary’s commitment to community service and its leadership through volunteerism that it is invited to provide mentors. Additionally, the professional and vocational experience of many Rotarians is invaluable to the mentoring relationship.

Program Update

The program is currently under review by Ambulance Victoria and consequently applications cannot be accepted at the moment. However if you would like to be contacted in future when the program resumes, or if you have any other enquiries contact the program’s Rotary Mentor Coordinator, Rob Soros of Rotary Central Melbourne at

Program Objectives

The AVLMP is aligned to the Ambulance Victoria Strategic Plan 2017-2022, which is committed to outstanding emergency health care every time. This is supported by four outcomes:

  • Outcome 1: An exceptional patient experience
  • Outcome 2: Partnerships that make a difference
  • Outcome 3: A great place to work and volunteer
  • Outcome 4: A high performing organisation.

The AVLMP looks for mentees who are:

  • High performing
  • High potential
  • Leaders (formal and informal) across all levels
  • Influencers (personal over positional)
  • Adaptable to change and display initiative
  • Motivated to drive personal and career development
  • Open to feedback and opportunities to learn
  • Ambassador for AV

Committed to providing an engaging and impactful experience for both mentees and mentors, the AVLMP measures this experience through a Net Promoter Score (averaging a Score of +72 which is considered world class).

Additionally, the Program has formed a range of exceptional partnerships between Rotarian mentors, AV mentees and the community. A significant number of mentee Improvement Initiatives have delivered great outcomes for the community, with mentor support. An example of this is the rollout of Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) in a key community with the support of Rotary.

Mentors and mentees often support each other by participation in events and activities (including Rotary breakfasts, mental health talks, tree planting initiatives and much more). Some lucky mentors have also taken the opportunity to ride along in an ambulance on shift (observer shifts).

We often hear the expression ‘giving something back’. Mentoring is an excellent way to give something back.

The Hon. John Howard OM AC

Mentor Selection Procedure

Ambulance Victoria mentees are selected through an Executive nomination followed by an application and interview-based selection process. Once this information is at hand the AVLMP Steering Committee will work in collaboration with the Rotary Mentor Co-ordinator from Rotary Central Melbourne to identify appropriate mentors. Suitable mentors will be identified from the bank of available mentors comprising the mentor alumni from previous programs and others who have individually expressed their interest to participate. The Rotary Mentor Co-ordinator may also approach Clubs with substantial community service programs and located close to the mentee’s place of work or home, whichever they prefer. These clubs are asked to nominate mentors who have the attributes described above but who also have:

  1. A sound knowledge of how Rotary is managed at Club and District level
  2. Current or recent business management and/or professional leadership experience
  3. Sufficient time to commit to the program (typically 2hrs per month)
  4. Been personally involved in meaningful community engagement programs or projects
  5. The endorsement of their club president and the support of their club