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International Student Mentoring Program Overview

The MentorMatch International Student Mentoring Program is an exciting new collaboration between business and Rotary to deliver an innovative mentoring program to international students. It will provide an opportunity for Rotarians seeking to “give something back” by investing in young people. It provides an opportunity for clubs who are interested in mentoring but were not able to participate in the Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria programs because there were no mentees in their area. Mentoring sessions may be held face to face or online. This will also enable a wider range of Rotarians and Rotary clubs to be involved and is perfect for lockdown!

International students have not always had the best of experience when they study in Australia. They have often reported feeling isolated and alone in Australia. This problem has been accentuated over the COVID lockdown periods. MentorMatch is designed to help students build their connections and networks in Australia while they are studying in Australia. To help them create a home away from home in Australia and make their study experience in Australia the best it can be.

International students not only represent Victoria’s single biggest export market but also are vital to our local economy for other reasons, often providing casual and part time workers to segments of our local economy. After graduation, many will become members of the next generation of our professionals, often in areas of skill shortage, or will drive high-value engagement with Victoria when working back home.

How the Program Works

MentorMatch is a social enterprise purpose built to manage the mentoring program with Rotary providing suitably qualified mentors. Unlike the Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria mentoring programs, MentorMatch does not have an annual intake. Mentors can apply and be allocated to a mentee at any time during the year. A mentoring partnership runs for six months with twelve mentoring sessions. Whilst dependent on individual needs, these sessions tend to run for 1 hour per fortnight. Apart from the regular mentoring sessions, mentors may invite mentees to club meetings, service projects, club social events giving the mentee a broader exposure to Australia and Australian culture. The more engaged in activities they can become, the better for the student.

Mentor Match is looking for mentors who:

  • Display a genuine interest in the development of others
  • Enjoy connecting with other cultures to share and learn
  • Are good listeners
  • Have a positive and supportive outlook to life
  • Have good social connections/networks
  • Are good ambassadors for Rotary living and communicating the values of Rotary, including the four-way test

Mentor Selection

Rotarians interested in the program first register as a Rotary mentor providing some information about themselves to inform the mentor matching. The first step is internal Rotary verification as an important quality assurance measure. Applicants provide their name and contact details, Rotary ID, Working with Children’s card number and obtain their Club’s endorsement. Following verification, they apply to MentorMatch providing information about themselves to inform the mentor matching process.
MentorMatch requires a mentor applicant to complete an online learning and development program and an online video to introduce themselves to potential mentees. The MentorMatch AI platform then connects mentees with their preferred mentor and kicks off the regular mentoring sessions. Each party is asked for regular feedback to ensure matches are working well.

Next Step;

To learn more about the MentorMatch International Student Mentoring Program and to access the application form click here.

Thanks for your interest in MentorMatch and we hope to hear from you.