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Victoria Police Leaders Mentoring Program Overview


Victoria Police, Rotary and the Victorian business community have established a successful partnership to deliver the mentoring program for police members who are considered to be high performing leaders within their field.  For over 14 years the program has provided valuable personal and professional development experiences to over 250 Victoria Police members and to their mentors, who regularly report they gained as much as their mentees.  All Victorian Rotary Districts participate in this program. It is governed by a Steering Committee, comprising members of Victoria Police, the Business Community and Rotary.

This document provides a brief overview and outlines what it would involve for a Rotary mentor and for their sponsoring club.

Program Objectives

The Victoria Police Strategic Objectives published in September 2015 are about effective police service delivery, improving community safety, working with its stakeholders, achieving through its people and developing its business.

The mentoring program brings diverse perspectives and experiences from outside Victoria Police to benefit the capability of mentees in meeting these objectives.  It is delivered in two streams aligned to the developmental needs of participants.  Senior business executives are assigned as mentors to Police Officers from Superintendent and above (Stream 1) whilst experienced Rotarians are assigned as mentors to Senior Sergeants (Stream 2).

The Role of Rotary in Stream 2

Senior Sergeants manage over 70% of the Victoria Police membership and are responsible for the front line delivery of service to the community. It is because of Rotary’s commitment to community service that it is invited to provide mentors to Stream 2 mentees. Through the Stream 2 mentoring program Victoria Police seeks to develop the understanding and capability of mentees in:

  • Developing leadership skills in a community service setting
  • Building community partnerships, managing stakeholder relationships and building networks
  • Community organisational approaches to addressing issues and needs
  • Applying business management approaches to community service planning and delivery

What is Expected of a Rotary Mentor?

In summary a mentor’s role is:

  • to assist the development of strategic thinking by the mentee;
  • to be a careful and active listener; to hold up a mirror on the mentee’s own behaviours or impact on others;
  • to positively reinforce and encourage the mentee;
  • to point out opportunities for growth and development;
  • to expose the mentee to new learning opportunities.

In addition to these general characteristics your experience and insights from being an active Rotarian can be invaluable to your mentee in areas like governance, building enduring community partnerships, community service project management, and leadership through influence. Your mentee’s understanding of how Rotary delivers community service and its different leadership styles will be enhanced by witnessing your Club at work.

Time Commitment

Clearly the role requires a trusting open relationship be developed between mentor and mentee early in the program. The time required to build mentoring relationships will obviously vary, but typically mentoring meetings are held once a month for one to two hours.

Mentor Selection Procedure

Victoria Police mentees are selected on a competitive basis and are stationed all over the state. Once this information is at hand the Steering Committee approaches potential mentors or Clubs located close to the mentee’s place of work or home. Expressions of interest are sought from mentors who have:

  • ability to fulfil the role of a mentor
  • a sound knowledge of how Rotary is managed at Club and District level
  • current or recent leadership experience
  • sufficient time to commit to the program
  • been personally involved in meaningful community engagement programs or projects
  • the endorsement of their club president and the support of their club


Detailed guidelines and a nomination form can be accessed by registering your interest here